Precolumbia Mesoweb Press presents Maya Archaeology 2, a peer-reviewed volume edited by Charles Golden, Stephen Houston, and Joel Skidmore. Hardcover. 148 pages.

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The Murals of Chiik Nahb
Structure Sub 1-4, Calakmul, Mexico
By Ramón Carrasco Vargas and María Cordeiro Baqueiro

Hieroglyphs from the Painted Pyramid:
The Epigraphy of Chiik Nahb Structure
Sub 1-4, Calakmul, Mexico
By Simon Martin

The Discovery of the Temple XXI Monument at Palenque: The Kingdom of Baakal During the
Reign of K'inich Ahkal Mo' Nahb
By Arnoldo González Cruz and Guillermo Bernal Romero

Late Postclassic Period Ceramics of the Western Highlands, Guatemala
By Greg Borgstede

The Name of Paper: The Mythology of Crowning and Royal Nomenclature on
Palenque's Palace Tablet
By David Stuart