Precolumbia Mesoweb Press presents Maya Archaeology 3, a peer-reviewed volume edited by Charles Golden, Stephen Houston, and Joel Skidmore. Hardcover, 256 pages, fully illustrated in color. Includes facsimile of the Grolier Codex.

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The Text and Context of the Cuychen Vase,
Macal Valley, Belize
By Christophe Helmke, Jaime J. Awe, Shawn G. Morton, and Gyles Iannone

Ajpach' Waal: The Hieroglyphic Stairway of the Guzmán Group of El Palmar, Campeche, Mexico
By Kenichiro Tsukamoto and Octavio Q. Esparza Olguín

Middle Preclassic Caches from Ceibal, Guatemala
By Takeshi Inomata and Daniela Triadan

The Funerary Complex of Temple XX: Offering and Ritual in the Early Classic Period of Palenque
By Arnoldo González Cruz and Joshua Abenamar Balcells González

The Fourth Maya Codex
By Michael Coe, Mary Miller, Stephen Houston, and Karl Taube

Royal Death, Tombs, and Cosmic Landscapes:
Early Classic Maya Tomb Murals from Río Azul, Guatemala
By Mary Jane Acuña

The Old Man of the Maya Universe:
A Unitary Dimension to Ancient Maya Religion
By Simon Martin

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