This movie was originally made for the adventure game "Crystal Skull" using the 3D models of the architecture seen elsewhere in this feature.

The puzzle involved learning to count using the method employed by the ancient Maya and applying that knowledge to a calendrical Long Count in another scene.

The monkey, who gives you the clues you need because monkeys were the patrons of scribes, says:

"Check this out. This is a Long Count date. The Maya based their numbering system on the number twenty. Twenty fingers and toes, right? Makes sense. The numbers are written with circles and bars. Circles equal one and bars equal five. This date here is 10 baktuns, 5 katuns, 14 tuns, 7 months and 13 days since the beginning of Creation. Simple, huh? Any monkey could figure it out. Hey, I'm outta here!"

A non-multimedia version of this puzzle is available online, but to get to it you'll have to make your way out of Tenochtitlan and travel back in time at Tula.