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Zapote Bobal

Also spelled Zapote-Bobal. Maya-region site listed in The Corpus of Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions "Sources of Sculpture and their Codes" and designated ZPB (Graham and Mathews 1999). Now known to be one of the ancient polities bearing the Hix Witz toponym.

According to Stanley Guenter (personal communication 2002), the site has been looted but the remaining Late Classic monuments are as well carved as the stelae of Polol or Cancuen. At least one stela from Zapote Bobal is a true masterpiece. There are minimally three examples of the Hiix Witz emblem glyph at Zapote Bobal, as well as possible references to El Peru. The site is located in a region of karstic hills, the Hiix Witz themselves, with a spectacular view west towards the Sierra Lacandon.

With regard to the possible El Peru references at Zapote Bobal, Guenter (personal communication 2005) is now more skeptical. The Classic El Peru emblem glyph has two parts, the second of which reads wak ajaw. This was the form used in the Early Classic — the "true El Peru emblem glyph" according to Guenter. By contrast, Zapote Bobal only shows the first half of the Classic emblem glyph pair. Guenter feels that this does not refer specifically to El Peru but rather may refer to lords in the northwestern Peten who were allied with Calakmul.

See The Corpus of Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions 3-3 "Central Lowlands of the Maya Area" map (Graham 1982).