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Knot-eye Jaguar II

JOY[BAHLAM]. Drawing and transcription after Martin and Grube (2008).

Maya ruler of Yaxchilan. Reigned >564>.

The only data point we have for this king king indeed for Yaxchilan in the years between 537 and 613 is that he captured a lord of Lacanha in 564. We know this because the capture is mentioned by the later ruler Itzamnaaj Bahlam II in connection with a Lacanha capture of his own.

The foregoing is based on Chronicle of the Maya Kings and Queens by Simon Martin and Nikolai Grube (2008:121, 124). The authors cite Carolyn Tate (1992). The 613 date is that of the bady eroded Stela 2, with a likely date of (May 9, 613) (Martin and Grube (2008:121, citing Peter Mathews 1997[1985]).