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Moon Jaguar

tzi-BAHLAM-ma, "? Jaguar". Drawing, transcription and translation after Martin and Grube (2008).

Maya ruler of Copan; also known as Ruler 10, Tzik Bahlam and Cleft-Moon Leaf-Jaguar. Reigned AD 553-578.

Acceded:, 8 Ajaw 3 Mak (May 24, 553).

Died:, 10 K'an 2 Keh (October 24, 578).

Father: Bahlam Nehn.

Monuments: Stelae 9 and 17.

This ruler's two stelae come from the important annex of the site that is now covered by the village of Copan Ruinas, one mile west of the Acropolis (Martin and Grube 2008:199). Stela 17 dates to AD 554 and Stela 9 to ten years later (ibid.:198).

The foregoing is based on Chronicle of the Maya Kings and Queens by Simon Martin and Nikolai Grube (2008:199).

Moon Jaguar is not a likely occupant of the Sub-Jaguar tomb based on the dating of its ceramics (Bell et al. 2004:152-153).