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Bird Jaguar II

ya-YAXU:N?-BAHLAM. Drawing and transcription after Martin and Grube (2008).

Maya ruler of Yaxchilan; also known as Yaxun Balam II. Reigned 467>.

Acceded: 2 Lamat 1? Keh (November 20, 467?).

Wife: Lady Chuwen.

Sons: Knot-eye Jaguar I and K'inich Tatbu Skull II.

Bird Jaguar II continued the warfare against Piedras Negras that is known to have taken place during the reign of his immediate predecessor Moon Skull (and may have even begun as early as the time of Yaxchilan's founder). Bird Jaguar captured an important subordinate of Piedras Negras Ruler B, a lord carrying the title yajaw te' ("lord of the tree", perhaps in the sense of "lord of the lineage").

The foregoing is based on Chronicle of the Maya Kings and Queens by Simon Martin and Nikolai Grube (2008:119). The authors note that their revision to this king's accession date is based on Hieroglyphic Stairway 1, Step II 59-63.