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Ahkal Mo' Nahb II

a-ku-AL MO'-na-b'i, "Turtle Macaw Lake?". Drawing, transcription and translation after Martin and Grube (2008).

Maya ruler of Palenque; also known as Chaacal II and Akul Anab II. Reigned AD 565-570.

Born: 7 K'an 17 Mol (September 3, 523).

Acceded: 1 Imix 4 Sip (May 2, 565).

Died: 9 Manik' 5 Yaxk'in (July 21, 570).

Brother: Kan Bahlam I?

This king followed his grandfather on the throne with one intervening ruler. Because he shared his grandfather's name, some inscriptions that at first appear to refer to him by his own name are actually calling him u mam ahkal mo' nahb, "the grandson of Ahkal Mo' Nahb" (Martin and Grube (2008:158).

Enthroned eighty-five days after the death of the long-reigning K'an Joy Chitam I, Ahkal Mo' Nahb II himself ruled for just under five years (ibid.:158).

The foregoing is based on Chronicle of the Maya Kings and Queens by Simon Martin and Nikolai Grube (2008:158). Their sources include David Stuart (personal communication 1999) for the mam reading.

For a further discussion at Mesoweb see the chapter on Ahkal Mo' Nahb II in The Rulers of Palenque.