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We will be continuing to film in Santiago Atitlán and to conduct interviews with key participants in the rituals. We will also film and "map" spiritual locales where modern religious practitioners open a portal to the "otherworld" of the supernatural, as did their predecessors in the ancient Classic period. The landscape around Santiago Atitlán is a living theater where myth and agriculture and life's struggles all take place simultaneously, for the Maya have notions about time which, in our world, are probably only shared by cosmologists such as Steven Hawking. This Atiteco belief that they live at the center of the universe places many obligations upon them. They say that when the Spanish came, the earth and the gods and the kings died, but that this has happened many times. Now at the end of this, for the Maya, devastating Christian millennium, will new generations still continue with their task of repeatedly creating the world, of keeping the universe in balance? We aim to be witnesses and chroniclers of their tradition.

Even we gringos serve a purpose - if only as a source of distraction.