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Head 1, San Lorenzo - Note the earspools and the crossed eyes. The headdress consists of a horizontal band with another band tucked into it.

Head 2, San Lorenzo (click "naturalistas") - This head is covered with drill holes. Note the parrots on the headband, and the round earrings.

Head 3, San Lorenzo (on the left) - Here the headband is composed of four cords, while strips of the headdress hang over the ears.

Head 4, San Lorenzo (on the right) - Note the crossed eyes and the tasseled element of the headdress.

Head 5, San Lorenzo (click first screen) - Note the animal paws of the headdress.

Head 6, San Lorenzo - Note the large beads of the headdress and the ear ornaments resembling shells.

Head 7, San Lorenzo (scroll down on this page of photographs from the anthropology museum in Jalapa, Mexico) - Note the complex headdress and earpieces.

Head 8, San Lorenzo - Also known Monument 61, this colossal head was featured at the entrance to the 1996 Olmec exhibition at the National Gallery in Washington, D.C. and also on the exhibition posters. It is the only San Lorenzo head that has a sloping back. Note the teeth and the crossed eyes. The Olmec World: Ritual and Rulership identifies this as a portrait of a San Lorenzo ruler.

Note: The foregoing comments are based on Olmecs, a definative English-language publication of Arqueología Mexicana. To order a copy, contact the publishers by email or fax at 011-5255-5557-5078 (as dialed from the United States). They have English-speaking (and reading) personnel, and any communications should be addressed to Guadalupe Reyes in the subscriptions department.