Front of Temple XIX before our operations.

The well-preserved floor of Temple XIX is constructed of carefully cut rectangular limestone slabs.

The rectangular slabs of Temple XIX's floor were set in a bed of stucco, and a thin layer of stucco was used to fill the joins. However, no stucco was apparently applied to the floor surface itself.

One of the central support piers in Temple XIX.

The Temple XIX mound in the final stages of excavation. Principal Investigator Alfonso Morales in the foreground.

The west side of the Temple XIX mound is exposed by excavation for the first time.

Project crew at work on the west side of the Temple XIX mound.

Christopher Powell, George St. Clair and Rafael Gallegos Hernandez at work on the west side of the Temple XIX mound.

Using a wooden instrument, George St. Clair carefully excavates a stucco head found at the northwest end of Temple XIX. This is the second stucco head found in the structure; the other was at the eastern end.