Very first photograph of the interior of the Temple XX tomb. Field Supervisor Christopher Powell has inserted the camera at arm's length through a 10cm x 10cm hole in an upper corner of the tomb. The flash has caught the wall directly opposite and the capstones of the roof.

The second photograph ever taken. Again the flash has caught the capstones directly opposite. But because Chris has rotated the camera a few degrees downward, it is now possible to see the red fresco of the wall.

The third photograph ever taken of the interior of the Temple XX tomb. Now Chris has rotated the camera downward further for the first good look inside the room. Bright traces of red fresco with a painted design can be observed on the wall, and on the floor is the circular outline of an offering plate.

Numerous offering plates on the floor of the tomb.

Color comparison with previous photograph.

A closer look at the offering plates.

Now Chris has pointed the camera lengthwise down the tomb, revealing a door at the other end.

Southeast corner of the tomb. (The aperture through which the camera is pointed is in the northeast corner.)

Top of the wall at the capstone level.

Note jade beads on floor.