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Early in 2000 we began to uncover more fragments of the magnificent limestone tablet that we discovered last season. These belong to a third figure on the tablet, a noble lord who kneels to the left of the ruler, K'inich Ahkal Mo' Nahb' III.

Another view of same fragment.

View with additional fragments.

Here more of the figure has been recovered and fitted together in the laboratory. An entire hieroglyphic caption has been fitted in on the right.

Here is another view of the hieroglyphic caption between the noble lord and the ruler. It identifies the kneeling figure as the maternal uncle, either of the ruler himself or of the heir apparent.

Close-up of the inscription, with reading of the hieroglyphs.

Detail of two of the glyphs. The first reads ch'o-ko, ch'ok, "emergent one". There is no reading as yet for the second.

The entire lower portion of the ruler's body has been recovered at this point, together with hieroglyphic captions on both sides of his legs.

Here are two new glyphs, fresh out of the ground. These refer to the figure who kneels to the right of the ruler.

The two glyphs now cleaned in the restoration lab.

Close-up and reading of the caption.

Drawing of tablet composited with photographs showing some of the new fragments.

Zoom view of previous.

In April 2000 we found another fragment of the tablet at the far (west) end of the building. Restoration specialist Constantino Armendariz holds this important piece, which forms part of the Initial Series date of the tablet.

Close-up of the new fragment.

In the lab, restoration technician Luis Urbina cleans the new fragment. In an amazing feat of hieroglyphic decipherment, Project epigrapher David Stuart has reconstructed the entire inscription based on this and the other fragments of the inscription that we have found.

Preview of the reconstruction.

Dates in table form.