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The skylights in the new roof provide ample light on the replica of the sculptured platform and the painted stucco panel that we discovered in the course of our operations. The originals will be displayed in the site museum.

The wooden walkway takes visitors through the temple and past the sculpture for a good view.

A new stairway takes visitors up to Temple XIX without damaging the restored substructure.

These stairs exit the building on the east.

And these continue down to plaza level.

An authentic replica of the stucco panel is installed on the central support pier.

And note the replica of the bottom of the stone tablet on the other side of the pier. This was just as we found it when we first excavated. (The top part had been broken off and most of the fragments placed in front of the sculptured platform as a termination offering.)

Our crew carries a replica of one of the sides of the sculptured platform past Temple XIV and the Temple of the Sun.

This is what Temple XIX looks like now. The public-access route goes right by the platform with its replica of the sculpture.