The Palenque Project's expert team of Mexican restoration specialists is setting new standards for conservation and restoration. Stucco is being preserved in the field where encountered, a costly and time-consuming procedure. Meanwhile, in our restoration laboratories a gratifying number of museum-quality pieces have been restored.

This online report has been updated with photographs documenting the restoration of the carved limestone tablet and the magnificent sculptured platform from Temple XIX. We also present the following reports in a downloadable format for printing.

Informe parcial del departamento de conservacíon y restauración.
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Informe parcial del deparamento:
Segunda temporada tercer año.
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Under the supervision of Juan Alfonso Cruz, we restored the 12-foot-high painted stucco relief discovered in 1999 in Temple XIX. This was displayed in all its glory in the Palenque Museum at the 1999 Palenque Round Table, together with six magnificent incensarios which we restored and sent to Venice for the big exhibition at the Palazzo Grassi. This aspect of the Palenque Project was funded by the Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc (FAMSI).

As documented by the photographs in this online report, we also restored the carved limestone tablet and the magnificent sculptured platform from Temple XIX. The tablet was restored with a grant from Mesoweb.

We restored a total of 15 incensarios encountered in the 1997-1998 field season: twelve from the west side of the Temple of the Cross and three from the north side. The incensarios were recorded and removed to the on-site conservation lab for reconstruction with the help and supervision of Special Deposit expert, Arqueologa Marta Cuevas Garcia.

Incensarios are ceramic incense burners usually about three feet high and decorated with fantastic heads of gods and mysterious masks. These beautiful incensarios are unique to Palenque.

We present these restoration drawings:

Incensario 8

Incensario 15

Incensarios Recovered From the Temple of the Cross, Palenque, by El Proyecto Grupo de las Cruces