The right panel of hieroglyphs on the west side of the bench in Temple XIX. These are columns E-H, rows 1-8. The date Ahaw 8 Chen is at G3-H3. G8 is the ruler's name: K'inich Ahkal Mo' Nab.

Below is this glyph somewhat larger and enhanced for visibility. It is possible to see the largest element, the turtle's head, which gives the "ahk" in K'inich Ahkal Mo' Nab's name in Project epigrapher David Stuart's new reading.

And on top of the turtle is a macaw head, replacing the parrot-beak glyph usually seen in this context. This caused Stuart to realize that the syllable should be read as MO' ("macaw") rather than phonetic 'a, as the parrot beak is read. Thus "Akul Anab", as the ruler's name was formerly construed, became "Ahkal Mo' Nab" thanks to Stuart's breakthrough.