G2: K'INICH-?-?-wa

H2: 3-2-WINIK-hi-ya

G3: 10-'AJAW


G4: NAH-5-TUN-ni

H4: ?-...-...

G5: yo-ko-b'i-IL

H5: 'AJ--...

G6: yi-chi-NAL-la

H6: 'AJ-CHIT?-...

G7: 1-?-?-"G1"

H7: 'U-CHOK?-hi



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A note from David Stuart:

The inscription on the west side of Temple XIX platform is somewhat shorter than the text of the south face, consisting of sixty-four glyphs divided into two panels. As on the south face, the text panels flank a throne scene with captioned figures.

The opening date, at A1-B1, is written as "7 Ahaw 8 K'ayab" followed at A2 by the 7-[ku-lu]-TUN-ni. This third glyph specifies the CR as corresponding to the completion of the seventh Tun within an unspecified K'atun, which demands its placement at 7 Ahaw 8 K'ayab, which, while certainly in historical time, falls well before the reign of K'inich Ahkal Mo' Nab'.

The opening passage rather mysteriously refers to K'an Hoy Chitam I (formerly known as K'an Hok Chitam or Kan Xul), who ruled Palenque from 529 to 565 A.D. (in the Gregorian calendar) -- well before the accession of K'inich Ahkal Mo' Nab' in 721. (For a genealogy of Palenque rulers, click here.)

Rough Prose Translation:


Wuk 'Ajaw Waxak-te' K'anasiy Wuk-ul Tun
Pat-w-an y-ok-b'-il Yax-'Itsam-'At Tun 'Ajaw
'U-chok-ch'aj-hi K'an-Hoy-Chitam K'uhul-Bak-al-'Ajaw

On Seven Ajaw, the Eighth of K'anasiy, there are seven stones.
The 'okib' of Yax 'Itsam 'At, the Tun Lord, is fashioned.
K'an Hoy Chitam, the Holy Lord of Palenque, casts incense upon it.


Mi'-eh-aw mi'-winik-ih-iy 'oxlahun-hab'-iy, waxak-...-iy
Chan 'Ajaw 'Oxlahun Yax-Zihom chum-tun
'U-k'al-tun K'inich Ahk-al Mo'Nab' K'uhul-Bak-al-'Ajaw
'U-nah 'u-kuch-t-u ta-... Zalaj B'olon

No days, no winals, thirteen years, and eight k'atuns later
Four Ajaw the Thirteenth of Yax Zihom, is the stone-seating
It is the fifteenth K'atun,
It is the stone-binding of K'inich Ahkal Mo' Nab', the Holy Lord of Palenque.
It is the first carrying(?) of G1, the Zalaj B'olon.


Waklahun-eh-aw wuk-winik-ih-iy cha'-hab'-iy
'ut-iy B'olon-Kib' B'olonlahun-te' K'anasiy
'ochi-k'ak' ta Waxak-Nah -... K'ak'-Kunuk?-Nah
'U-chak-...-nah-il ...

Sixteen days, seven winals and two years later
Then Nine Kib' the Nineteenth of K'anasiy comes to pass.
The fire enters into the Eight House ..., the Fire ... House.
It is the red ... house of G1.


Chan-eh-aw hun-k'al-ih-iy
Wuk-'Ajaw 'Ox-te'-Wayab' k'am ...
'U-kuch-t-u Zalaj B'olon

Twenty-four days later
Seven Ajaw, the Third of Wayab', is the rope-taking(?).
It is his ...
It is the carrying(?) of Zalaj B'olon.


Wuklahun-eh-aw wuk-winik-ih-iy cha'-hab'-iy
Wak Kaban Ho-te' Yaxk'in
'Och K'ak'
'Ox jol b'ak ... 'u-chak-...-nah-il ...
K'inich ... Nah 'u-chak-...-nah-il K'inich ...

Seventeen days, six winals and two years later
It is Six Kaban the Fifth of Yaxk'in.
It is the fire entering.
The Three-Skull Bone ... is the red ... house of G2.
The Great Sun .. House is the red ... house of G3.


'Ox-eh-aw cha'-winik-ih-iy
Lahun 'Ajaw Waxak-te' Ik' Zihom
Nah ho' tun
... y-ok-b'-il 'Aj ...
Y-ich-n-al 'Aj Chit ....
'U-chok hi K'inich Ahk-al Mo' Nab' K'uhul B'ak-al 'Ajaw

Three days and two winals later
It is Ten 'Ajaw the Eigth of Ik'-Zihom.
It is the First Five Stones.
The 'okib' of 'Aj ... (event missing)
It is in the presence of Aj Chit... G1
K'inich Ahkal Mo' Nab', the Holy Lord of Palenque, casts upon it.

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