This is what the most recent fragment of inscription from Temple XIX looked like when it first came out of the ground. The inscription concerns the death of the father of Palenque ruler K'inich Ahkal Mo' Nahb III. The left half of the glyph at the bottom of the left column is the date 6 Muwan. The right half reads k'a'iy "it was extinguished". (Because of the wing on top, it used to be read as "it had flown away"). The glyph at the top of the middle column reads u sak ? ik'il "his white ? breath", perhaps a metaphor for the soul. The entire expression - "his white ? breath was extinguished" - is a way of saying "he died". The glyph at the top of the right column is part of the name of the deceased (nicknamed "Long Lips" because of his distinctive glyph). This is the first time that we have had a confirmed death date for the father of the builder of Temple XIX. (Photo: Alfonso Morales.).