This glyphic fragment goes by the elbow of Yok ? Tal, the right-hand kneeling figure, and apparently accords him another title. Project epigrapher David Stuart of Harvard University reads the top glyph here as ya-ja-K'UH-hu-na, y-ajk'uhuun. This is a unique spelling of the title Ajk'uhuun, in possessed form. This is probably saying that the character depicted is the "Ajk'uhuun of" the ruler. According to Dr. Stuart, this title was previously thought to mean "keeper of the royal books" but more likely means either "obedient person" or possibly "keeper (of tribute?)".

The second glyph is read as K'IN-ni, K'inich, Sun-God. This forms part of the name of the ruler featured in the sculpture, K'inich Ahkal Mo' Nahb' III. The rest of this caption was found last season. The third glyph reads AHK-la-MO'-NAHB', Ahkal Mo' Nahb'. The fourth is the Palenque emblem glyph.

(Photo: Alfonso Morales.)

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