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November 14. The roof of Temple XIX seems to be cursed. Recently another big storm came along, and a little whirlwind formed in the southern area of the Cross Group. The big tree that was on the western end of Temple XIX snapped half-way up, twisted as it fell, and landed on the structure of the roof. Fortunately no one was hurt and the walls and piers of the building weren't damaged.

Restoration expert Marcia Valle worked on this incensario from the Cross Group now on display in the site museum.

Detail of the incensario with restoration touch-up in progress.

Final touches in restoration of incensario.

Some of the gang at Temple XX earlier this year: Patricia Aguirre, Damian Marken, Maureen Carpenter, Yvonne Harralson, Rudy Larios, and Joshua Balcells.

Documenting a terrace wall on the Temple XX pyramid.