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This is the southeast corner of Temple XX, as it looked early in February 2003. We began the season by restoring the terrace walls on the south side.

Here's the south side of the Temple XX pyramid where we are restoring terrace walls, including one that turned out to be a great deal bigger than originally thought. We have been consolidating the fill of the terraces in order to show the shape of the temple. We have also been working on the west side of the pyramid, sealing the surfaces of the terraces and consolidating the areas where we did not find preserved walls.

Anabell Coronado and Ceferino Sanchez documenting our restoration of Temple XX. Anabell is an architect working with Rudy Larios, our restoration director. Ceferino is a project artist. In addition to reconsolidating, one of our primary tasks is drawing everything to document it.

One of our project team consults a photographic print-out to ensure proper reconsolidation of a section of the Temple XX pyramid. We take digital photos of each meter of wall or stair, then run them off and give them to the restoration workers so they can carefully monitor that section of work.

Here's the south side of Temple XX, with the restoration nearly complete. There's a final small excavation at the base to resolve some questions about the plan of the structure.

Restoration at the very top of the west side of Temple XX, consolidating a nearly completely destroyed wall.

Creating the terrace shapes on the east side of Temple XX where there are almost no traces of the original architecture.

Preparing the north side of Temple XX, where there is no preserved architecture, to mortar the stones in place.

The upper section of the west side of Temple XX, almost finished.

Continuing consolidation on the north side of Temple XX.

Laying grass on the east side of Temple XX to cover terrace surfaces and unconsolidated areas. This is proving to be a big job.

The east side of Temple XX partially covered with grass.

Mateo Parcero consolidating on the north side of Temple XX.

The completed southern end of the west side of Temple XX (with Julie Miller in the foreground).

Planting grass at the base of the south side of Temple XX.

Project photo 2003, taken on the staircase at the northern end of the west side of Temple XX

Maureen Carpenter during the restoration of the bottom of the staircase at the base of the east side of Temple XX.

Temple XX, our pride and joy.

We restored these stairs and terraces on the west side of Temple XX.

Maureen Carpenter and Patricia Aguirre with Ian Graham of the Corpus of Maya Hieroglyphic Inscriptions Project. It's always fun when celebrities come to visit!

Some of the grass we planted on Temple XX.

Happy Holidays from Alfonso Morales, Julie Miller and the Palenque Cross Group Project team.

#1 in the Mugshot Series: Alfonso Morales.

#2 in the Mugshot Series: Julie Miller.

#3 in the Mugshot Series: Maureen Carpenter.

#4 in the Mugshot Series: Yvonne Harralson.

#5 in the Palenque Project Mugshot Series: Alonso Mendez.

Ewin Lloyd Barnhart, son of Palenque Mapping Project director Ed Barnhart and Angela Milliman Barnhart, under the Linda Schele tree.