Another aspect of our project includes investigations into a large unexcavated area to the south of the Cross Group called the Southern Acropolis. Currently engulfed by jungle, the Southern Acropolis is a group of ten monumental structures surrounding a large bi-level central plaza. The entire acropolis is bounded to the north and south by a series of megalithic terraces. This part of the site is interesting to archaeologists for good reasons.

What little investigation that has been done in this area has provided information on the site's history both before and after the reigns of K'inich Janahb' Pakal and K'inich Kan B'ahlam, Palenque's most famous kings.

(See Who is Buried in Pakal's Tomb.)

We know a great deal about the middle periods of Palenque's history, but very little about its founding and termination. The few excavations previously conducted in the Southern Acropolis uncovered ceramics which date to the founding of Palenque, and a hieroglyphic stucco panel which dates to the very last period of the site's history.

As a result, we have reason to believe that the Southern Acropolis will be the most fruitful area to uncover architecture, art and hieroglyphic texts associated with various kings whose histories and accomplishments remain mysterious.

-- Alfonso Morales