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Glyph G14

verb or relationship   --  Schele, 1988

he was made the mai   --  Robertson, 1985

Photo: Mark Van Stone   zoom
Drawing: Merle Greene Robertson
different lighting

David Stuart (personal communication, 2000) has read this glyph as U-MAY-yi-ji.

In a footnote to glyph C3 of the Temple of the Cross Tablet (a "deerhoof-in-hand" accompanying the Maya creation date 4 Ajaw 8 Kumk'u, Linda Schele (1988) comments: "There are two possible interpretations of this event. Lounsbury (1980) has linked it to a childhood event written with the same deerhoof ... on the Palace Tablet. However, Edmonson (1979) has identified a cycle of 13 katuns called a mai in Yucatecan sources. Since mai is also the word for cloven hoof, and since 4 Ahau 8 Cumku is recorded as 'the completion of 13 cycles', this meaning may apply here."