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Glyph P12

Blood Lord of Palenque (Bone)   --  Schele, 1988

Ahaual of Palenque I (Palenque Emblem Glyph)   --  Robertson, 1985

Photo: Mark Van Stone   zoom
Drawing: Merle Greene Robertson
different lighting

See Palenque emblem skull note.

In 1988, Linda Schele commented on this glyph and the ones immediately preceding it (M13-P12): "This is the peak event of the text. The importance of the date is marked by its elaboration to the level of an Initial Series date by the presence of the Lord of the Night and Lunar information. The event, accession, is repeated three times in contrasting forms, and the names especially are difficult to associate with other passages. Kathryn Josserand has applied discourse analysis to the inscriptions and says that the peak (or focal) event should have disturbed syntax. The disturbance here is the unusual complexity of the names and the run-on clause structures unmarked by the punctuation of temporal statements. Note that in the second clause of this long elaborate passage (O7-P9), Kan-Xul is finally named with the royal name he received from the ancestral list on his accession. In the third clause (O10-P12) he is named by the maize title prominently displayed in his father's name at D12 and in his older brother's name at L3. Note also that like his father he is named with the double Emblem Glyph (Schele, 1988)."