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Glyph R19

between the waters and the heavens.   --  Schele, 1988

(dedicatory phrase)   --  Robertson, 1985

Robert Wald (1999) has read this glyph as lakam-ha'-chan-kun / lakam ha' chan kun / "big water sky seat".

In 1988, Linda Schele noted: "The final passage has a new interpretation based on the work of David Stuart and Steve Houston who have identified a number of toponyms including the name of the mountain behind the Temple of the Foliated Cross and Temple XVIII at Palenque, called the Mirador today, and K'uk-te-witz' by the ancients. This phrase at the end of the Palace Tablet apparently records a scattering rite that took place at a location called te-naab-chaan-pan or 'between water and sky.' This apparently is the name of the intervale on which Palenque's sacred precinct was built (Schele, 1988)."