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The Sarcophagus lid gives the date for this as 5 Kab'an 5 Mak ( / December 1, 524). This Calendar Round occurred about 24 years years after the accession of Ahkal Mo' Nahb'. So we know that he was born in 467, acceded in 501, celebrated the k'atun ending in 514, and died in 524, aged about 59 years. We also know that he was born about six years after the previous ruler, B'utz'aj Sak Chiik. The proximity of birth dates suggests that they might have been brothers. B'utz'aj Sak Chiik became ruler when he was about 28 years old. If he died a few months before his brother acceded (the normal interregnum at Palenque), he would have been about 42 at death. Ahkal Mo' Nahb' I, who was about six years younger, then ruled for twenty-three years.