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T5   ( 6 Etz'nab 11 Yax

S6   'Death' (?) / Lord Shield

T6   18 kins 10 uinals

S7   1 tun 4 katuns (, age at death)

T7   'Seating'

S8   ?    ?  (c.f. S6a)

T8   ( 8 Oc 3 Kayab

S9-T9   T713/757 'accession' compound

S10   Lord Chan-Bahlum

T10   Palenque Emblem Glyph

S11   ?    ?

T11   ?

S12a   ?

S12b   u-cimi ('his death')

T12a   Lord Shield

T12b   Palenque Emblem Glyph

Other dates are associated with Lord Shield Pacal (table 1). Since it is our purpose in this paper to identify only the birth, accession and death records of each ruler where possible, we shall proceed to the death of Lord Shield Pacal, which occurs three times in the Palenque inscriptions (figure 8). The first and most significant of the death texts is on Tablet 3 of the Temple of the Inscriptions (figure 9) where (T5-T12) 6 Etz'nab 11 Yax is followed by 'Lord Shield' and then by a Distance Number which, subtracted from 6 Etz'nab 11 Yax, leads back to 8 Ahau 13 Pop, the birth of Lord Shield Pacal.


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