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We think that it is most likely that Chac Zutz' was Lord Chaac's successor, and that the early dates of the Tablet of the Slaves parallel the layout of the Palace Tablet and the Tablet of the 96 Glyphs, where important dates (especially accession dates) of predecessors are listed. The scheme of the Tablet of the Slaves seems to be (figure 11):

A1   ( 5 Lamat 1 Mol     Accession date

B1b     of 'Lord Shield'

A2b-B2     Accession of 'Chan-Bahlum'??

A3     Accession of 'Hok'??

A4     'Birth' of "?-Zutz", on

B4     ( 7 Caban 15 Kayab

C1   ( 9 Ik 5 Kayab     (Accession date of Lord Chaac)

D1     ( 8 Ix 7 Yaxkin

C2-D2a     Accession of 'Chac Zutz'

This is the only way of tying in the 8 Ix 7 Yaxkin date to any meaningful clause--possibly the 9 Ik 5 Kayab accession date of Lord Chaac (just over one year earlier) was considered to be fresh enough in readers' minds that no further explanation of it was considered necessary.

This interpretation would mean that Lord Chaac ruled for less than 1.8.12 in the Maya notation or only about 1 1/2 years. This short reign would help to explain the absence of dates associated with him after his accession. Later Chaac dates, possibly even that of his death, may be contained in the fragmentary stucco texts of Temple 18.


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