By Linda Schele
University of Texas at Austin

Online Version

Chac-Zutz' and the history he recorded on the Tablet of the Slaves has been the source of dispute since Peter Mathews and I presented the dynastic history of Palenque at the Primera Mesa Redonda (Mathews and Schele1973).


PARI editor's note: The online edition of this paper is illustrated with details from the original illustrations. The complete illustrations are also presented as they originally appeared:


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Figure 1 - Tablet of the Slaves (drawing by Linda Schele)

Figure 2 - Group IV and the cemetary (drawing by Linda Schele after Rands and Rands 1961)

Figure 3 - Detail of Temple XVIII jambs (drawing by Linda Schele)

Figure 4 - Text from the Miraflores Tablet (drawing by David Stuart)

Figure 5 - The Panels of the Orator and Scribe (drawings by Linda Schele)

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