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Before this evidence came to light, I had taken the list of kings recorded on the Tablet of the 96 Glyphs as evidence that Chaacal was the son of Kan-Xul, explaining the difference in the name phrase of Kan-Xul and the person listed as father of Chaacal on the Temple 18 jambs as a substitution we did not yet understand. Mathews evaluated the same evidence in a different way, suggesting that Chaacal was in fact not Kan-Xul's son and that his father had not held the throne before him. I now believe that he was right in his interpretation of the evidence--that the accession of Chaacal represents a break in the expected father-son descent pattern at Palenque. This piece of Palenque's history seems to be even stranger because Chac-Zutz' does not appear to have been a high king at all.


The drawings at top, of name glyphs for Kan-Xul ("Lord Hok"), are from Linda Schele and Peter Mathews "Lords of Palenque - The Glyphic Evidence", First Palenque Round Table, 1973. The image at bottom, of the name glyphs of the Chaacal's father from the Temple XVIII jambs (B14-A15), is from a rubbing by Merle Greene Robertson.

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