By Sandra Bardsley

Originally presented at the Eighth Palenque Round Table, June 6-12, 1993. Published in 1996 in Eighth Palenque Round Table, 1993  edited by Martha J. Macri and Jan McHargue. Online publication: June 2004. Presented here in digital format for its historical interest and numerous insights.

Since this paper's original presentation, further advances have been made in the field of Mesoamerican studies, notably bearing on the decipherment of the yitah expression discussed herein. In the words of David Stuart (2000b:508, n. 12):

I once considered that this served as a relationship expression for "sibling," but this now seems unlikley. Despite the revision, the older reading has gained a strong foothold in the literature, and was even used to posit specific kin relations between some of the actors in Tikal history (Schele and Freidel 1990). There is no doubt in my view, however, that it is a verb with no "sibling" connection whatsoever.

Benches, Brothers, and Lineage Lords of Copan
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