El Rey

La Reina

Two stelae on display in the new museum at Frontera Corozal, Mexico, come from the site of Dos Caobas, about 8 km from Frontera, and were excavated by Mexican archaeologist José Adolfo Velázquez de Leon Collins in the early 1980s. The people of Frontera waged a long battle with INAH and the Mexican government in order to be able to keep them in their community. The local people built the museum facilities themselves and are justifiably proud of what they have managed to do. They refer to the stelae as El Rey and La Reina. The glyphic text of El Rey concerns Itzamnaaj B'alam (Shield Jaguar the Great), who ruled from AD 681 to 742. Frontera Corozal, which shows on some maps as Frontera Echevarria, is the launching place for boat trips to Yaxchilan, so a visit to the museum can be included in any visit to that important site. — Sue Glenn


Back side (zoom view of photo on left above)

Back side: top

Back side: middle

Back side: lower

Back side: bottom

Back side: text detail (top)

Back side: text detail (top right)

Back side: text detail (middle)

Front side

Front side: top #1

Front side: top #2

Front side: bottom

Front side: captive


Zoom view of photo on right above

Top - Extreme zoom

Bottom - Extreme zoom

Wayeb Note 3:
The Dos Caobas Stelae
By Agnes Cougnaud, Hal Green, Bea Koch, and Al Meador.