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This online database of Merle Greene Robertson's Rubbings of Maya Sculpture is copyrighted by the Pre-Columbian Art Research Institute, 1995-2007.

By using this database you agree to the following Limited Use Rights:

Information and graphics from this database may be reproduced royalty-free in print and digital format for personal, academic and research purposes only, provided that such use is not for resale or commercial use of any kind, and further provided that website publication is strictly prohibited. Users must not reproduce more than 3% of the material in this database without the prior written permission of the Pre-Columbian Art Research Institute.

In any copy, print or reproduction of any kind, users must reproduce the following notice in the publication's listing of copyrights, as well as adjacent to the reproduction, copy or print: "Rubbings by Merle Greene Robertson ŠPre-Columbian Art Research Institute, 1995-2007, used with permission."