Middle School
Mesoweb plans to offer resources for studying the advanced Native American cultures of Mesoamerica. In the meanwhile, your students might benefit from The Crystal Skull. This educational adventure game is from the same makers as the Greek mythology edutainment Wrath of the Gods. In response to teacher suggestions (and in order to make it work on the Web), we've replaced the special effects with text so that students can practice their reading. The "codex" offers authentic background information, while the game itself is a relatively painless way to learn about the ancient Aztec, Maya and Olmec. It's not Playstation, but the kids will like it if they get to play it in school!

Secondary and Above
If you think your students might be cutting and pasting, we offer free plagariasm-detection software. Inquiries.

And you might be interested in the guidelines we offer students for ethical citation:

Citation and Referencing Strategies - by Marc Zender.