The original Mesoamerican Photo Archives project was split between various hosts, with the homepage located on my graduate student server at Tulane University. When I successfuly finished my graduate studies at Tulane, a new home was needed. Joel Skidmore, webmaster of Mesoweb, graciously offered his services hosting this web resource. Please replace any old bookmarks or links with this new URL: www.mesoweb.com/mpa, or my personal domain name www.mesoamerican-archives.com which will redirect you to our new host at Mesoweb.
  • HISTORY OF MESOAMERICAN PHOTO ARCHIVES: This web resource began as a way for a young Mesoamerican archaeologist to organize his travel photos and learn more about each site that he visited. Once the early galleries were put together, it became clear that this resource could be used to share the wonders of educational travel in Mexico with a wide viewership across the world wide web. The internet was still very young at that time. Cameras were exclusively film (not digital) requiring selective scanning of each printed image. Most monitors were either 640x480 or 800x600, and dial-up service was the rule, not the exception. Many of these early photo galleries from the mid-1990's have been left as they were originally formatted. But additional galleries were added over the years, including the latest sites of Palenque and Tonina, which were photographed using a digital camera. The advent of digital photography allowed for a nearly complete upload of all photographs (rather than selective scanning) but created a backlog of research for detailed captions. If the viewers of this website see a photograph that they wish to add or edit a caption, please send the link and associated caption to: chunchucmil@yahoo.com
  • AWARDS: I would like to thank all of the webmasters out there who recognized the scholarly merit of the Mesoamerican Photo Archives project as a unique resource during the 1990s, including World History Sources, the Scout Report for the Social Sciences and Suite101.com, each of which publish scholarly links, reviews or awards for solid academic web sites. An additional thanks goes out to Links2Go, who notes that Mesoamerican Photo Archives is "one of the most relevant pages related to Mesoamerica on the web today". A special thanks to McGuinness Designs, creator of the Golden Pyramid Award for design excellence in Precolumbian web sites. Finally, thanks to the editors of the Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Cultures for including Mesoamerican Photo Archives in their list of suggested electronic resources for Mesoamerican archaeology.

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