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Extreme zoom 1 - Extreme zoom 2

The west side of the Temple XIX platform, as photographed by Jorge Pérez de Lara. Called variously a bench, a throne and a platform, this incredible sculptured monument is one of the great archaeological finds of recent times. The hieroglyphics alone are a priceless addition to what can be recovered of Maya history and cosmology. The platform is carved in fine relief sculpture on two sides. The west side is pictured above. The south side is so long that it can only be viewed as a composite photograph:

South side

South side (extreme zoom)

Our report on the find


Close-up photographs of the figures on the south side of the platform.

Close-up photographs of the figures on the west side: left figure - center figure - right figure.

Tablet of the Slaves for comparison of sculptural technique.

Carving of glyphs compared to the Tablet of the 96 Hieroglyphs and the Creation Stone.