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Peter Mathews and Linda Schele

In view of the data presented to the Primera Mesa Redonda de Palenque by Linda Schele ("Observations on the Cross Motif at Palenque"), it was decided to further investigate some of her conclusions by examining all of the hieroglyphic texts of Palenque to see what could be determined about the rulers of Palenque. This paper is a presentation of the findings and glyphic evidence of the investigation.


PARI editor's note: For the reader's convenience, the online edition of this paper is illustrated with details from the original illustrations. The complete illustrations, together with the tables which accompanied the paper, are also presented as they originally appeared:


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Table 1 - Births, Deaths, Accessions, and Reigns of the Lords of Palenque

Figure 1 - The Lords of Palenque

Figure 2 - Other glyphs discussed in this paper

Figure 3 - Birth clauses of the Lords

Figure 4 - The Pasadena Tracing

Figure 5 - 'Accession' clauses of Lord Shield Pacal

Figure 6 - 'Accession' clauses of Lord Chan-Bahlum

Figure 7 - 'Accession' clauses of Lord Hok, Lord Chaac, Chac Zutz' and Lord Kuk

Figure 8 - Death clauses of Lord Shield Pacal and Lord Chan-Bahlum

Figure 9 - Temple of the Inscriptions, Tablet 3: Passage relating to the death of Lord Shield Pacal and 'accession' of Lord Chan-Bahlum

Figure 10 - Birth to 'accession' clauses

Figure 11 - Tablet of the Slaves

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