By Linda Schele

Originally presented at the Third Palenque Round Table, June 11-18, 1978. Published in Tercera Mesa Redonda de Palenque, edited by Merle Greene Robertson and Donnan Call Jeffers. Online publication: December 2002.

Please note: This paper is presented in digital format for its historical interest and as an example of the author's gift for observation and description. Since its original presentation in 1978, further advances have been made in the field of Mesoamerican studies. The smaller figure on the Cross Group tablets is now thought to be K'inich Kan B'alam (Chan-Bahlum as it is spelled in the paper): the adjacent caption on the Tablet of the Foliated Cross reads " is the image of the son of...Pakal...". And the central figure on the Tablet of the Slaves is now thought to be K'inich Ahkal Mo' Nahb' III (Chaacal) rather than Chac-Zutz', who was not a ruler of Palenque.

Genealogical Documentation on the Tri-figure Panels at Palenque
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