Proceedings of the
Cuarta Mesa Redonda de Palenque
June 8-14, 1980

Originally published in 1985 as Fourth Palenque Round Table, 1980, edited by Elizabeth P. Benson. San Francisco: Pre-Columbian Art Research Institute.


Curtain Holes in the Standing Architecture of Palenque
By Michael Anderson

"57 Varieties": The Palenque Beauty Salon
By Merle Greene Robertson

The Identities of the Mythological Figures in the Cross Group Inscriptions of Palenque
By Floyd G. Lounsbury

Balan-Ahau: A Possible Reading of the Tikal Emblem Glyph and a Title at Palenque
By Linda Schele

The Dwarf Motif in Classic Maya Art
By Virginia E. Miller

The Inscription on Four Shell Plaques from Piedras Negras
By David Stuart

The Architectural Backdrops of the Murals of Structure 1, Bonampak
By Mary Ellen Miller

A Historical Interpretation of the Inscriptions of Uxmal
By Jeff Karl Kowalski

The Cacaxtla Murals
By Donald Roberston

Notes on the Chol Dugout Canoe
By Nicholas A. Hopkins, J. Kathryn Josserand, and Ausencio Cruz Guzman