Proceedings of the
Fifth Palenque Round Table Conference
June 12-18, 1983 Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico

Originally published in 1985 as Fifth Palenque Round Table, 1983, edited by Virginia M. Fields. San Francisco: Pre-Columbian Art Research Institute.


On the History of the Chol Language
By Nicholas A. Hopkins

Notes on the Olvidado, Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico
By Peter Mathews and Merle Greene Robertson

Variety and Transformation in the Cosmic Monster Theme at Quirigua, Guatemala
By Andrea Stone

Maya Dynastic Territorial Expansion: Glyphic Evidence for
Classic Centers of the Pasion River, Guatemala
By Kevin Johnston

The Dynastic History of Naranjo: The Middle Period
By Michael P. Closs

The "Count of Captives" Epithet in Classic Maya Writing
By David Stuart

The Carved Ceramics Called Chocholá
By Carolyn Tate

The Hauberg Stela: Bloodletting and the Mythos of Maya Rulership
By Linda Schele

The Classic Maya Maize God: A Reappraisal
By Karl Taube

Notes on Two Tablets of Unknown Provenance
By William Ringle

The Xoc, the Sharke, and the Sea Dogs: An Historical Encounter
By Tom Jones