Merle Greene Robertson, General Editor

Virginia M. Fields, Volume Editor

Originally published in 1991 as Sixth Palenque Round Table, 1986, edited by Virginia M. Fields. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press.


Historical Notes on the Discovery of the Ruins, the Founding of the Town, and the Origin and Significance of the Name of Palenque - by Arnulfo Hardy González.

The Demotion of Chac-Zutz' - by Linda Schele.

The Narrative Structure of Hieroglyphic Texts at Palenque - by J. Kathryn Josserand.

Lineage Patrons and Ancestor Worship Among the Classic Maya Nobility: The Case of Copán Structure 9N-82 - by William L. Fash.

Damming the Usumacinta: The Archaeological Evidence - by S. Jeffrey K. Wilkerson.

Period-Ending Stelae of Yaxchilán - by Carolyn Tate.

Olmec Bloodletting: An Iconographic Study - by Rosemary A. Joyce, Richard Edging, Karl Lorenz and Susan D. Gillespie.

Olmec Iconographic Influences on the Symbols of Maya Rulership - by F. Kent Reilly, III.

The Iconographic Heritage of the Maya Jester God - by Virginia M. Fields.
Beyond Rainstorms: The Kawak as an Ancestor, Warrior, and Patron of Witchcraft - by Joanne M. Spero.
Aspects of Impersonation in Classic Maya Art - by Andrea Stone.
The "Holmul Dancer" Theme in Maya Art - by Dorie Reents-Budet.
Prepositions and Complementizers in the Classic Period Inscriptions - by Martha J. Macri.