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In the second cist tomb discovered in Temple XX, we found a few fragments of bone, a broken ceramic vessel and this small jade head.

Even though the last construction of Temple XX was almost completely destroyed, we found an earlier version of the building that was well-preserved. It had a staircase with ballustrades.

In our work at the bottom of Temple XX, we excavated a long trench going east-west from the plaza to the base of the pyramid. We discovered that the plaza and the pyramid were natural formations covered by stone and stucco.

The only steps in good condition were found on the east side during an excavation in 1999 and were re-excavated to be included in this season's architectural grid.

We restored the southeast terrace after excavations.

The only architectural evidence of a terrace for the substructure of Temple XX was found at the southeast corner.

Trench #2 extends from the plaza to the top of Temple XX.

Maya Tzeltales restoring the bottom terrace of Temple XX.