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T5   ( 6 Etz'nab 11 Yax

S6   'Death' (?) / Lord Shield

T6   18 kins 10 uinals

S7   1 tun 4 katuns (, age at death)

T7   'Seating'

S8   ?    ?  (c.f. S6a)

T8   ( 8 Oc 3 Kayab

S9-T9   T713/757 'accession' compound

S10   Lord Chan-Bahlum

T10   Palenque Emblem Glyph

S11   ?    ?

T11   ?

S12a   ?

S12b   u-cimi ('his death')

T12a   Lord Shield

T12b   Palenque Emblem Glyph

The Distance Number is followed by two glyph groups which are a T644 'seating' complex (c.f. Berlin, 1970a:141). The 'seating' complex is followed by 8 Ok 3 Kayab, just 132 days later. The 6 Etz'nab 11 Yax at 8 Ok 3 Kayab is the 'accession' date of Lord Chan-Bahlum, Lord Shield Pacal's successor. The Calendar Round is followed by the T713/757 'accession' compound, and then by 'Lord Chan-Bahlum/Palenque'. Two and a half glyph blocks of unknown significance occur at S11-S12A, followed at S12b-T12 by 'u cimi ("his death")/Lord Shield/Palenque'. This is a fitting way to end the long inscription which immortalizes Lord Shield.


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