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The text begins with a standard phrase recording the T700 accession of Pacal on 5 Lamat 1 Mol. This accession is then linked to those of Chan Bahlum and Kan-Xul by unusual Distance Numbers first deciphered by Lounsbury (n. d. b). [see note below] The birth of Chac-Zutz' follows, linked not to his own accession, but to that of Chaacal. This pattern is unique at Palenque, where the births are otherwise linked to the accession of this same person.

Note: Lounsbury interpreted the two notations ox te k'al u chum tun  and hun te k'al u chum tun  to be references to the three katun endings between Pacal's accession and Chan-Bahlum's (9.10, 9.11, and 9.12) and the one between Chan-Bahlum's and Kan-Xul's (9.14).

PARI editor's note: 5 Lamat 1 Mol is at A1, Pacal at B1, Chan-Bahlum at B2 and Kan-Xul at A3. 'Birth' and Chac-Zutz' are at A4; Chaacal is at B5.

(to be continued)

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