Now available from the University of Texas Press and Amazon in CD-ROM format: high resolution scans of the original manuscript, an audio version of the entire text read by native K'iche' speakers, hundreds of photographs by Allen Christenson and rollouts of Maya ceramics by Justin Kerr; maps, a transcription of the text in modern K'iche' orthography, a Spanish version of the grammatic translation, and both the English grammatic and literal translations with footnotes. All are fully searchable and fully linked together. Click on any point in the text to see the corresponding line in the original manuscript, transcription, translations, audio, footnotes, illustrative material, and maps.
Available from the University of Oklahoma Press and Amazon, the definitive English translation, with introduction and footnotes. Most previous translations of the Popol Vuh have relied on Spanish versions rather than the original K'iche'-Maya text. The fruit of ten years' research, this free translation with extensive footnotes by a leading scholar of Maya literature and art brings out the richness and elegance of this sublime work of literature. The new second edition is published by the University of Oklahoma Press.
Available from the University of Oklahoma Press and Amazon, the second volume of Allen Christenson's masterwork provides the original K'iche'-Maya text of the Popol Vuh together with a literal, line-by-line English translation, capturing the beauty, subtlety, and high poetic language chararacteristic of K'iche'-Maya sacred writings. The K'iche' authors are much like composers of classical music who begin with a simple melody and then weave into it both complementary and contrasting harmonies to give the words a fullness of meaning and depth of expression.