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There was a significant special deposit in front of the sculptured platform (also referred to as a "throne") at the northeast end of Temple XIX. Here Alfonso Morales, Kirk Straight and Chris Powell examine the glyphs on the platform in April of 1999.

In front of the platform were large fragments of the carved limestone tablet that originally faced the main doorway on the central support pier. These seem to have been deposited in a termination ritual.

Here we see a sculptured figure from the tablet, as it is revealed by excavation.

            Another view.

Maureen Carpenter, Marcia Valle, Christopher Powell and Annie Pieler carefully uncover the special deposit. The hole in the floor in the background leads to the drain underneath the structure.

There were cultural deposits inside the drain hole, designated Special Deposit 99-5.

Our workers from Naranjo remove the large tablet fragments for restoration. See the restoration report.

Here we get our first look inside the sculptured platform, which was looted in pre-Columbian times. Left to right: Adrienne Tremblay, Kirk Straight and George St. Clair.

Inside the "throne".

            Another view.

The following season, as we extended our investigation of the special deposit in front of the platform, we began to discover other large pieces from the limestone tablet.