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Project crewmembers, including Maureen Carpenter (in pink hat), consider a special deposit in the southwest corner of Temple XIX, encountered in the final stages of excavating down to the floor level of the structure and designated Special Deposit 2000-2.

From left to right: Maureen, Pedro Cruz Mendez, Kirk Straight, Marcia Valle Rangel and others.

Clockwise in center): Kirk, Marcia and Maureen investigate a large limestone fragment found in the special deposit. At this point there was the possibility that the other side of the stone was carved.

Field Supervisor Christopher Powell at work on the special deposit, which was composed of squared-off bars of modeled stucco and fragments of polychrome stucco figurines, obsidian blades, ceramic shards, stone tablet, jade beads, conch and grinding stones.

Yvonne Harralson working on the special deposit. The fragments of grinding stones indicate that it was possibly a place for depositing cast-off artifacts and rubbish. Our theory is that this event was before the collapse of the vault, while the crude stone wall was constructed afterwards

Overhanging vault stones made it very difficult to work in the far southwest corner of the structure. Ultimately we had to leave a portion unexcavated out of respect for the roots of this big tree. (Palenque is in a biosphere reserve.)