New: The Monuments of Yaxchilan: Lintel 18 - photograph by Jorge Pérez de Lara; description and reading by Ángel A. Sánchez Gamboa and Guido Krempel

Shedding New Light on La Florida Stela 1: A Portrayal of Chakjal Chahk - by Mads S. Jørgensen, Joanne Baron, and Guido Krempel

A Unique Absolutive Antipassive in the Name of a K'uhul Chatahn Winik - by Luís Lopes and Barbara MacLeod

Catálogo de artefactos arqueológicos del sitio El Tintal, Petén, Guatemala & Proyecto Arqueológico El Tintal. Informe no. 8: resultados de la octava temporada de investigación, 2021

Proyecto Arqueológico El Zotz: 15va temporada de campo - edited by Thomas Garrison, Stephen Houston, and Elizabeth Marroquín

King and Cosmos: An Interpretation of the Aztec Calendar Stone, by David Stuart. Available from Amazon.

Maya Archaeology Tales from the Field, edited by Mat and Pamela Voelkel. Illustrated by Alex Gallego. Available from Amazon.

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