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Discussion: The Cross Group

The following sections are intended as discussions of selected features of interest encountered during the 1998 survey. The discussions are divided by group and coordinate with Maps 2-9. The Cross Group is featured in Map 2.

Map 2: The Cross Group
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The Cross Group is currently under investigation by the Proyecto de Las Cruces (PGC), Principle Investigator Alfonso Morales and Co-Project Directors Christopher Powell and Merle Green Robertson.

The survey of the Cross Group was undertaken in 1997 and 1998. Measured drawings of each exposed structure were made for the PGC by Studio Mexico, lead by Logan Wagner of the University of Texas at Austin.

Those drawings, with additions by Ed Barnhart to identify buried architecture, were incorporated into the new site map. The small structures named Monticulo 1 and 2 were uncovered by the PGC in August of 1998 and added to the current map (on which they are designated "Mon1" and "Mon2"). The PGC excavations continue in 1999 and the PMP will update the map with architecture as it is revealed.